KESTOİL ( PA 6G ) + Lubricator
General Features :
* Much lower coefficient of friction than Kestamid
* High resistance to wear
* High resistance to impact
* High crystal structure
* Higher stability
* Much lower water absorption than Kestamid
* Excellent performance in abrasive sludge and sea water
* Ideal for environments where it is difficult or impossible to lubricate
* Very low heat build-up on the surfaces
* Corrosion resistant
* Excellent resistance to many chemicals
* Easy mechanic malleability
* Quiet and impactless operability
* Bone color in places where is in contact with good and medicine
Product Description
Kestoil is an ideal engineering plastics for self-lubricating, robust, abrasion-resistant, low coefficient of friction, non-lubricated bearings and cradles that have many features that do not coexist in other materials. Kestoil is a Kestamid which includes various lubricants, impacts and abrasion resistant additives to its structure during its production. The lubricant additives became integral and homogeneous part of the material by integrating with it. Lubricant additives do not come out even under the most severe working conditions, do not flow and leave the material dry by separating from it.

No matter how much sawdust is removed from the surface of Kestoil, the lubricating additive property of the material does not change. With the hand and touching, it does not feel fat on the surface because the additives are dispersed throughout the material. Mechanical machining and metal removal do not affect the lubricant properties of Kestoil.

Kestoil has 5 ~ 7 times more abrasion resistance than normal cast polyamides as a bearing material. This remarkable result is due to the fact that the self-lubricating property of the material keeps the coefficient of friction very low during the operation and therefore the heat does not flow between the two friction materials. In non self-lubricating materials, this friction is tried to be reduced by lubricating from the outside, but when the oil decreases or completely disappears, the heat that rises without friction increases the wear and shortens the life of the materials.
Areas of Use
* Scraper Knives
* Bearings
* Cutting Press Tables
* Cable spools 
* Food machinery parts
* Distance rings
* Pulleys
* Wear plates
* Gaskets